How we help
Colleges and Universities succeed

Pathways” is our capstone training model
for post-secondary students and faculty…

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The Pacific Northwest affords spectacular adventures for those willing to step up.
We chose the Mountain to serve as a metaphor for our Pathways training model.

Just as Rainier presents challenges and opportunities in the natural environment,
we provide real-world experiences that teach crucial skills and strategies
around communication, collaboration, compassion and service.

People at the post-secondary level have sufficient life experience that allows
deep learning and transformation to occur when they are exposed to our experiential strategies
and group process model.


Common Ground Learning brings people together to join a common pathway forward in their journey to achieve their next level of success.

We do NOT use an off-the-shelf curriculum.

When you contact us, Dan Ashe will assess your particular needs and recommend a content agenda that will be custom-designed to your situation. He will offer multiple options giving you a range of choices.

We aim to raise awareness, build competency, strengthen character and transform behavior, to help people become a better version of themselves.

An overview of our “Big Picture” concepts.


For Students…

We offer on-site programs at your college or university. This saves time, transportation and higher costs because we come to you with our program, staff and specialized gear.

  • Experiential “teambuilding” programs

  • Dynamic presentations and workshops

  • Mini-courses in communication, collaboration and leadership

For Faculty and Staff…

We customize our training and workshops to match your needs:

  • Professional Teambuilding

  • Organizational Development (for faculty and classified staff)

  • Kick-off Events and Professional Develop Workshops

We specialize in these topics...

Social Emotional Learning

Building Healthy Relationships 

Your Leader-SHAPE: Who Am I and Where Am I Going

Critical Skills for Understanding Human Dynamics

Lock and Learn: Intentional Engagement Strategies

Team Culture: Re-calibrating Vision and Values

Making Teams WORK: Putting Theory into Practice

Some of our Collegiate clients…



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— William Shedd