How we help K-12 schools succeed

Pathways” is our capstone training model for K-12 students and faculty…

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The Pacific Northwest affords spectacular adventures for those willing to step up.
We chose the Mountain to serve as a metaphor for our Pathways training model.

Just as Rainier presents challenges and opportunities in the natural environment,
we provide real-world experiences that teach crucial skills and strategies
around communication, collaboration, compassion and service.


Common Ground Learning brings people together to join a common pathway forward in their journey to achieve their next level of success.

We do NOT use off-the-shelf curriculum.

When you contact us, Dan Ashe will assess your particular needs and recommend a content agenda that will be custom-designed to your situation. He will offer multiple options giving you a range of choices.

We aim to raise awareness, build competency, strengthen character and transform behavior.

An overview of our “Big Picture” concepts


For Students…

We offer on-site programs at your school. This saves you time, transportation and higher costs because we come to you with our program, staff and specialized gear.

  • Experiential “skill-building” Programs

  • School-wide Presentations

  • Leadership Workshops

For Faculty and Staff…

We customize our training and workshops to match your needs:

  • Professional Teambuilding

  • Organizational Development

  • Kick-off Events and Professional Development Workshops

We specialize in these topics...

Social Emotional Learning

Building Healthy Relationships 

Your Leader-SHAPE: Who Am I and Where Am I Going

Critical Skills for Understanding Human Dynamics

Lock and Learn: Intentional Engagement Strategies

Team Culture: Re-calibrating Vision and Values

Making Teams WORK: Putting Theory into Practice

Some of our K-12 clients…



Don’t put it off.
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get us on your schedule.

A mind stretched by a new experience can never return to its old dimensions.
— Oliver Wendell Holmes